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Annual Report


Though the past two years have forever changed our way of life, we are on the path to brighter times. We know that we couldn’t have made it to this point alone. As we navigated the pandemic, found healing after August 3rd, and braced for whatever challenge might have come next, we were comforted knowing we had you to complete the puzzle and better support the El Paso community.


As we traverse this new path forged by undeniably difficult situations, our United Way continues to support El Pasoans in the areas they need most. Last year, we had the pleasure of continuing to lead resiliency efforts through the El Paso United Community Resiliency and Family Resiliency Centers, which were founded to support El Pasoans impacted financially by COVID and the August 3rd tragedy, respectively. We were also able to support our local senior citizens during extreme weather with our Summer Fan and Winter Blanket Drives. When a need arose, we worked with donors, volunteers, and partners to address it, helping El Pasoans to manage in times of uncertainty. 


Thanks to your generous support, we were able to put the pieces together to lead and fund programs, including our soon-to-be-launched Caring Homes Initiative, supporting and building the capacity of home-based childcare programs owned by minority women in the borderland. At a time when it was most needed, we were able to continue our funding of important local programs focused on mental health, homelessness prevention, food security, and more. 


Even as we endure some of the hardest challenges our community has ever faced, we continue to Live United to create a thriving El Paso for all. Thank you for helping us to complete the puzzle and broaden our support. No matter where this new path may lead, united, we will make it through. 


Dear Friends,

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Ruben Hernandez

Deborah A. Zuloaga

Board Chair 2021 - 2022

President & CEO 




Unite and mobilize the El Paso community around focused effort that:

  • connects our most vulnerable to basic needs,

  • closes educational achievement gaps,

  • promotes lifelong financial stability for all El Pasoans,

  • and connects people with opportunities to give, advocate and volunteer.


El Paso is the premier mult-cultural community in which to raise a family.


2022 Luncheon - Look & Feel-3.png
2022 Luncheon - Look & Feel-2.png
Strategic Plan

Looking Forward

Our United Way is no stranger to supporting our community when challenges arise, but these past two years have tested our community’s resolve unlike any other. As we navigated a large migrant influx, the August 3rd mass casualty event, and the COVID-19 pandemic back-to-back, our community entrusted us to take the reins and support those impacted by these emerging needs. Our United Way, with the support of our corporate and community partners, responded to these needs to ensure that El Pasoans had the opportunity to thrive despite these challenges.

When we experienced the large migrant influx in 2019, our United Way worked together with local organizations to build volunteer capacity and make strong connections to better support the individuals traveling through and staying in El Paso. We knew that as we addressed this challenge, that our community was resilient and capable.

But after the August 3rd tragedy, our community’s resilience was tested like never before. We knew El Pasoans needed the right resources and services to make it through their healing journeys, and we also knew there were many organizations providing them, but that the bridge between these two wasn’t always clear. By helping stand the El Paso United Family Resiliency Center, our United Way helped navigate the way. Through the center, our United Way created a team of resiliency navigators and developed high-quality standards for navigation services, allowing us to promote the awareness of healing services that many individuals and families might not have otherwise known about. We were able to introduce the community to a wide range of traditional and nontraditional therapies that helped them find healing and support after tragedy.

We used this model to support El Pasoans when our community was impacted by COVID. Through the same high-quality, tailored navigation services, we helped El Pasoans navigate the tedious process of applying for financial assistance at a time when it was needed most.

During these times of need, our United Way excelled and created a well-tested formula to connect individuals to the resources that would support their families. Through these difficult times, the resiliency centers not only supported immediate needs but provided a continuum of support that touched many aspects of a family’s wellbeing.

As we continue down this new path forged from these trying times, we plan to continue serving as a navigator for El Pasoans in need.  

2022 Luncheon - Look & Feel-2.png

Response Efforts

When the COVID-19 pandemic unprecedentedly impacted our community on the heels of the August 3rd mass casualty event, we stepped in to ensure El Pasoans could be connected to the resources and services they needed to thrive, despite these challenges.



Total number of inquiries in 2021-2022 for COVID-19 navigation through our center that supported those financially impacted by the pandemic

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, city and county officials identified the need to stand a center to support El Pasoans struggling financially due to the hardships brought on by the pandemic. Our United Way was entrusted to undergo this endeavor. We served as the backbone for the center, overseeing and leading resiliency efforts and referring El Pasoans to services. Operating virtually, the CRC successfully connected El Pasoans to rent, mortgage and utility assistance programs in order to help them pay living expenses at a time when job loss and pay cuts were on the rise. Once connected to the CRC, individuals were referred to resiliency navigators who would assist them in finding the support they needed through our community partners including El Paso Rent Help led by the Paso del Norte Community Foundation, Project Amistad, Project Bravo and 2-1-1. The CRC’s team of highly-trained, culturally sensitive, and bilingual resiliency navigators worked to address the specific needs of the El Pasoans who contacted the center, helping to ensure they were connected to the specific resources and assistance they needed. This support also included food assistance, mental health services, and workforce and job development programs. Between 2021 and 2022, the CRC made nearly 4,000 referrals, supporting more than 3,000 households throughout the borderland.



Total number of referrals in 2021-2022, serving 200 adults and 16 children impacted by August 3rd

In the wake of the August 3rd mass casualty event, our United Way was entrusted to stand and lead the El Paso United Family Resiliency Center, founded to support individuals who were directly or indirectly impacted by the tragedy. Since its opening on December 19th, 2019, the FRC has partnered with local agencies to connect El Pasoans with support to facilitate their healing journeys. The FRC team is comprised of dedicated resiliency navigators who support individuals and families to service their specific needs. Navigators provide referrals for counseling, financial planning, legal guidance, and spiritual care while also working to dismantle mental health stigma. In addition to connecting El Pasoans to valuable resources and services, the FRC team conducts outreach and education to further promote mental health wellbeing within the community. One way we’ve accomplished this is by creating the United & Resilient podcast, which gives us the opportunity to interview mental professionals, hear from local leaders, and speak with El Pasoans about their thoughts and experiences, providing listeners with an insider’s perspective on the topic. Between 2021 and 2022, resiliency navigators provided more than 500 referrals, serving more than 200 adults and 16 children. The work the FRC has accomplished is made possible through valuable partnerships with community agencies, including: Borderland 100 Club Center Against Family & Sexual Violence Compadres Therapy Creative Kids Deborah Grado El Paso Child Guidance Center El Paso Pro-Musica Emergence Health Network Family Service NAMI Paso del Norte Mindfulness for Healing and Well-Being Steven Cohen Military Clinic West Texas Responders Alliance YMCA YWCA




home visits conducted between July 2020 and July 2021, both in-person and virtually, serving 467 children and 374 families

United Way Tableing -3.jpg
2022 Luncheon - Look & Feel-3.png

The Parents as Teachers (PAT) program is an evidence-based home visitation program that supports early childhood development by teaching parents and caregivers about important milestones and school readiness. Once enrolled in the program, families receive personalized visitations from our Parent Educators with an emphasis on parent-child interaction, development centered parenting, and family wellbeing. Parents and caregivers enrolled in the program also gain access to exclusive events, a resource network comprised of local organizations and services, and more. Over the course of the past two years, we’ve adjusted our programming to continue our support of families even during the pandemic. We hosted a variety of virtual and in-person events and activities to provide families and caregivers with resources, skill development, and foster connections between the families enrolled in the program. Between July 2020 and July 2021, Parent Educators conducted nearly 4000 home visits, both in-person and virtually, serving 467 children and 374 families. Last year, more than 3000 resources were provided to these families.

Grade Reading Logo -Transparent.png


quality, age-appropriate books distributed to children throughout the community between 2021 and 2022

United Way’s Grade-Level Reading Initiative works to ensure every child in El Paso is able to read at grade level, fostering school success. We accomplish this through strategic book distributions and through efforts at the Book Nook at Sunland Park Mall. Book Distribution In an effort to build children’s personal libraries, our United Way team successfully distributed nearly 2,000 quality, age-appropriate books to children throughout the community between 2021 and 2022. We attended twelve kid-friendly events that allowed us to meet new families and distribute books to children on a broader scale. Book Nook Partnering with the Sunland Park Mall team, our United Way helped open the Book Nook on the mall’s top level. The Book Nook serves as a safe space for families to gather to read, play, and spend time together. To further engage families of young children, United Way and the Sunland Park Mall team host First Fridays at the Book Nook every first Friday of every month, complete with themed readings, crafts, and activities. First Fridays at the Book Nook started in August of 2021 and also served as another opportunity to distribute books to children and families.

book nook 3.heic
Healthy Kids Logo.png
Final_BOOST Logo - Full Color.png


Between 2021 and 2022, the BOOST Network was comprised of 48 members, with six steering committee members providing oversight for the network. 


Our United Way is proud to serve as the backbone for the Paso del Norte Health Foundation’s Healthy Kids Initiative, supporting their goal of engaging disconnected youth in the Paso del Norte region through high-quality out-of-school time programs in order to improve a range of health outcomes. As part of the initiative, 10 trainings were provided to participants, including through the Health Resources in Action organization, training out-of-school time providers in youth development. BOOST Through the Borderland Out-of-School Time Network, United Way serves as an intermediary, convening programs and partners within this network. The network is comprised of individuals and organizations who are committed to improving summer and afterschool programs available in the borderland region for children of all ages. Our combined efforts have evolved to adapt to the demands of the pandemic, offering both in-person and virtual events and initiatives. Between 2021 and 2022, the BOOST Network was comprised of 48 members, with six steering committee members providing oversight for the network. In 2021, 146 individuals attended BOOST quarterly meetings.

Winter Blanket Drive -7.png

Basic Needs


raised to provide items and services including toiletries, bathroom remodels, dentures, hearing aids, and more for seniors in El Paso


A collaboration between the Area Agency on Aging, the El Paso Times, and United Way, the Senior Fund helps cover the cost of items and services that aren’t fully covered through social services. Last year, the El Paso community raised more than $35,000 to provide items and services including toiletries, bathroom remodels, dentures, hearing aids, and more. Through this partnership, our United Way also collaborated with the Extreme Weather Task Force to host a Summer Fan Drive and a Winter Blanket Drive to support local seniors who don’t have access to adequate heating and cooling. Corporate partners, including Enterprise, Helen of Troy, Life Ambulance Services, Target, Texas Gas Services, and TFCU donated 200 fans to support the fan drive. Meanwhile, corporate partners at Cardinal Health, TFCU, Vantage Bank, American Society of Civil Engineers, and Hospitals at Providence donated nearly 300 blankets for the winter drive.


 meals and 12,448 nights at shelters
were covered by EFSP funding


Fan Drive - Target.jpg

The Emergency Food & Shelter Program supports those experiencing hunger and homelessness throughout the community. Our United Way supports this program by allocating federal funding in order to support programs and organizations offering provisions and housing to those in need. Between January 2020 and October 2021, 447,096 meals and 12,448 nights at shelters were covered by EFSP funding as well as the payment of 114 bills for individuals who were unable to otherwise do so. Through EFSP, United Way also administers funds to support the community during emerging needs, including COVID and large influxes of migrants. Through the CARES grant, United Way oversaw a local board made up of volunteer community stakeholders that administered funds supporting 38 organizations assisting those impacted by COVID. In addition, through Phase ARPA, United Way administered funds totaling $889,200 to support six organizations providing humanitarian assistance: Salvation Army General Assistance El Pasoans Fighting Hunger City of El Pas Iglesia de Dios El Elyo and University Presbyterian Church

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Enroll El Paso Logo.png


individuals re-enrolled in healthcare coverage and five community organizations collaborated to support the community, all through Enroll El Paso. 

United Way serves as the leader for the community-wide coalition of partners offering support through Enroll El Paso to help El Pasoans with enrolling or automatically re-enrolling in quality, affordable medical insurance through the Medical Insurance Marketplace. These organizations, including faith-based organizations, nonprofits, hospitals and more, support El Pasoans through the application process via one-on-one assistance. Between 2021 and 2022, 31,714 El Pasoans received assistance during the application process, 86,464 individuals re-enrolled in healthcare coverage, and five community organizations collaborated to support the community, all through Enroll El Paso.



saved on prescriptions in El Paso, with nearly 8,000 individuals receiving SingleCare cards.

Formerly known as FamilyWize, the SingleCare prescriptions savings card program helps individuals save money on their prescriptions, regardless if they have insurance or not. Our United Way is proud to partner with SingleCare to help El Pasoans save money on life-saving prescriptions, vaccines, and more by promoting their services through social media and email marketing. Between 2021 and 2022, El Pasoans saved $617,539.86 on their prescriptions, with nearly 8,000 individuals receiving SingleCare cards. Since introducing SingleCare to the community in 2006, El Pasoans have saved nearly $3.6 million on their prescriptions.

Financial Stability


The Skills for Success pilot program was created to support parents enrolled in our Parents as Teachers program to further their education and skills in order to obtain gainful employment. As a partnership between United Way and WorkForce Solutions Borderplex, parents enrolled in the program complete GED and job certification courses to help them find full-time employment, allowing parents and their children to lead more financially stable lives. The Skills for Success program helped parents with obtaining child care assistance and public benefits assistance to eliminate barriers that may have otherwise prevented them from completing these programs.


To better support small businesses providing home-based childcare services in El Paso, our United Way created the Caring Homes Initiative. Launching in 2022, the program aims to build the capacity of small, minority-owned childcare businesses by connecting entrepreneurs with resource navigation and financial assistance to stabilize or grow their businesses. CHI advocates for the future generations of El Paso by supporting small business owners in financial and managerial capacities of the business owner, providing mentorship, guidance, and increasing access and improving childcare services to meet safety and quality standards of licensure. The Caring Homes Initiative is made possible thanks to a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation and Wells Fargo, allowing us to support small businesses throughout El Paso, as well as strategic partnerships with the following organizations: University of Texas El Paso El Paso Community College Local Community Development Financial Institutions Area School Districts/ Schools Recreation Centers El Paso Public Libraries YWCA Paso del Norte Region Project Vida Workforce Solutions Borderplex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Texas Rising Star (TRS) Better Business Bureau (BBB) Texas Health and Human Services El Paso City Council County of El Paso Commissioners Court Neighborhood Associations


El Pasoans filed their taxes using MyFreeTaxes, averaging $2,421 in returns.


MyFreeTaxes is a free, online site that helps individuals accurately file their taxes, helping them to earn more back on their tax returns. Users have the option to utilize the assistance of IRS-certified tax professionals to better support them in completing their taxes. For the 2021 tax season, 133 households in the El Paso area filed their taxes using MyFreeTaxes, earning back an average of $2,421.

Community Engagement


RISE members in 2022.

RISE (1).png

As a stepping stone to our esteemed Young Leaders Society, our donor network RISE serves to support the philanthropic journeys of budding young professionals. Members of RISE gain access to an exclusive event as well as one YLS event per year, further engaging the community and connecting with other young professionals. RISE members total 70 as of 2022.


Young Leaders Society members in 2022.

YLS Individual Assets-01.png

The Young Leaders Society is comprised of young professionals looking to further their philanthropic endeavors in order to support their community and make a bigger impact on the city they love. YLS members gain access to high-quality events, professional development opportunities, and volunteer opportunities throughout the city. Between 2021 and 2022, YLS members had the opportunity to hear from WestStar President & CEO, David Osborn, through our Wine & Wisdom speaker series, donate toys to children through our partners at CASA of El Paso and the Boys & Girls Club of El Paso, and engage with community leaders from different industries as they reflected on the changes created in the community in light of the pandemic and how each industry was impacted. In 2021, we had the pleasure of once again hosting our ENGAGE Young Professionals Leadership Summit in-person once more, drawing nearly 100 YLS members to the day-long event. Exploring themes surrounding integrity, initiative, and social responsibility in a world forever changed by the pandemic and the events of 2020, attendees heard from El Paso Electric CEO, Kelly Tomblin, as well as from panels comprised of community business leaders who reflected on the theme within their own organizations. YLS members also gain exclusive access to the REALIZE Board Training Program byYLS cohort. Offered over the course of three Saturdays, young professionals undergo a series of courses to learn more about how to further their impact on the community through nonprofit board governance. A value of $1,300, YLS members can complete the program for free. In 2021, a cohort of 10 individuals completed the program. As of 2022, YLS has a total of 131 members.

SBBI Logo - H.png

Our newly launched Small Business, Big Impact donor network helps small businesses further their impact on the community. Through their participation, these local businesses are able to develop their social responsibility by connecting to United Way through civic engagement, philanthropy, and volunteerism. Businesses who join the network are offered benefits to help them succeed, including spotlighting their businesses on digital channels.

Realize Board Training Logo.png

Provided by the Paso del Norte Health Foundation and led by United Way, the REALIZE Board Training Program helps prepare board members throughout the community to successfully lead a nonprofit board in order to better support the community. The program includes courses focused on helping board members learn about financial documents, facilitating dialogue between board members, working with CEOs, and more. REALIZE courses include nonprofit board governance, fiscal oversight and accountability, fundraising, and more. Courses are offered through the REALIZE Lunch & Learn series and through the REALIZE by YLS Cohort. The Lunch & Learn series takes place the second Tuesday of the month and is designed to provide a valuable curriculum to those who currently serve or are interested in serving on a nonprofit board during their lunch breaks.

Volunteer El Paso Logo.png


total volunteer profiles between 2021 and 2022,

with 210 agencies posting needs. is an online database that connects El Pasoans looking to support their city with needs in the community. Organizations in need of volunteers can post the details to the database, allowing individuals hoping to give their time to search for opportunities that meet their interests. This database has been of special importance as we navigated the COVID-19 pandemic, the August 3rd mass casualty event, and multiple migrant influxes. Between 2021 and 2022, there were a total of 6,538 volunteer profiles, with 210 agencies posting needs. In this past year, 160 needs were met.

AmeriCorps -Posed Photo _1.jpg


volunteer hours completed by AmeriCorps VISTA members in 2021-2022.

As a national service program, AmeriCorps VISTA is designed to build the capacity of organizations working to empower individuals and communities. Through the hard work of our AmeriCorps VISTA members, we’ve supported the El Paso County Housing Authority, UT Health of Houston–El Paso, and United Way. Between 2021 and 2022, AmeriCorps VISTA members completed 9,005 hours of service for the community.




Board Chair

Board Chair Elect

Ruben Hernandez
JP Morgan Chase

Cynthia Conroy

VJ Smith
Marathon Petroleum

Vice Chair, Resource Dev.

Roseanne de la
Fuente Rueda

Community Volunteer



Immediate Past Board Chair

Elizabeth O'Hara
Texas Gas Service

Crystal Long

* Community Representative


Committee Roseanne de la Fuente Rueda, Chair, Community Volunteer Ruben Hernandez, JP Morgan/Chase Don Karl, Las Palmas Medical Center Mitzi Shannon, Kemp Smith, LLP Hector Villegas, PNC Bank Nathan Worley, The Hospitals of Providence Memorial Campus Troy Wyatt, Spec’s Wines, Spirits and Finer Foods


Committee Cynthia Conroy, Chair, WestStar Ruben Hernandez, JP Morgan/Chase Crystal Long, GECU Elizabeth O’Hara, Texas Gas


Committee Cynthia Conroy, WestStar Dr. Jose Manuel de la Rosa, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Tamieka Henry*, Vituity, University Medical Center Emergency Department East Georgina Hernandez*, GECU Ruben Hernandez, JP Morgan/Chase Commissioner Iliana Holguin*, El Paso County Leila Melendez, Workforce Solutions Borderplex Giselle Smith-Johnson, WestStar Julie Summerford-Pearson, HUNT Alejandro Yu, TFCU


Committee Cynthia Conroy, WestStar Elizabeth Dipp-Metzger, Crown Wealth Management Ruben Hernandez, JP Morgan/Chase Crystal Long, GECU Alberto Lopez, The University of Texas at El Paso VJ Smith, Marathon Petroleum Alejandro Yu, TFCU


Committee Dr. Armando Aguirre, Region 19 David Aranda Jacob Cintron, University Medical Center Cynthia Conroy, WestStar Blake Downey, ScottHulse PC Attorneys at Law Ruben Hernandez, JP Morgan/Chase Crystal Long, GECU Brad Taylor, MountainStar Sporting Group Omar Villa, Chair, University Medical Center

Human Resources


2021 City Charity Campaign Committee Virginia Theroux, City of El Paso Claudia Lujan, City of El Paso

2021 County Charity Campaign Committee Janet Sanchez, County of El Paso

2021 State Employee Charity Campaign Committee Katherine Vandertulip, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (Committee Chair) Carmen Calderon, Texas Department of Public Safety Margarita Garcia, Texas Department of Criminal Justice Adrianna Leyva, University of Texas at El Paso

BOOST Advisory Committee Dani Almada, Organizacion Popular Indepentdiente Simon Chandler, EPISD Ashley Echavarria, Boys and Girls Club of Las Cruces Erika Fibela, El Paso Libraries Melinda Gamboa, La Rodadora Espacio Interactivo Mayra Garcia- Lopez, YMCA of El Paso Maribel Lechuga, UTEP-HEP Alexis Marquez, Boy Scouts Laura Oronoz, FEMAP/SADEC Alicia Ramirez, CASA

Community Impact Fund Reviewers Leslie Canada, El Paso Coalition for the Homeless Camille Castillo, El Paso Coalition for the Homeless Norma De la Rosa, El Paso Teachers Association Annette Gutierrez, Rio Grande Council of Governments Debbie Hamlyn, Community Volunteer Lydia Hernandez Morera, Canutillo ISD Joy Leos, City of El Paso Lily Limon, Community Volunteer Kathy Lopez, Community Volunteer Yvette Lugo, Rio Grande Council of Governments Lindsay Madden, Canutillo ISD Dr. Sarah Martin, Texas Tech UHSC Melanie Matthys, El Paso Electric Luz Murillo, Region 19 HeadStart Dr. Deborah Ontiveros, West Texas Responders Alliance Amy O’Rourke, CREED Dr. Monica Reyes, Canutillo ISD Nickole Rodriguez, City of El Paso Lisa Ann Shoebrun, El Paso ISD Patsy Terrazas Stallworth, Desert Spoon Food Hub

Contract Proposal Reviewers Josh Acevedo, The University of Texas at El Paso Ryan Logan, American Red Cross Yvette Lugo, Rio Grande Council of Governments Enrique Mata, Paso del Norte Center at Meadows Mental health Policy Institute Jennifer Phelps, El Paso Center for Children Isidro Torres, NAMI of El Paso

FRC Advisory Committee Members Patricia Bylicki, County of El Paso Angie Castillo, County of El Paso Fabiola Eckleberry, Private Practice License Clinician Nichole Ferrini, City of El Paso Rene Hurtado, Emergence Health Network Enrique Mata, Paso del Norte Center at Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute Mario Porras, El Paso Community Foundation Isidro Torres, NAMI of El Paso Commissioner David Stout, County of El Paso

PAT Affiliate Advisory Committee Claudia Diaz-Orozco, El Paso Center for Children Gilda Gil, Paso del Norte Children’s Development Center Gloria Marmolejo, Project Vida Sylvia Talley, Center Against Sexual and Family Violence Valerie Watters, Nurse Family Partnership Diana Joyce Yellock, Ysleta del Sur Pueblo

REALIZE Board Training Program Committee JJ Childress, Microsoft Tech Spark Jeanne Foskett, Rio Grande Cancer Foundation Ben Fyffe, Museum and Cultural Affairs – City of El Paso Zuri Gonzales, UTEP Mike Guerra, Guerra Investment Advisors Rene Hurtado, Emergence Health Network Stephanie Karr, Community Volunteer Dr. Michael Kelly, Paso del Norte Health Foundation Melanie Matthys, El Paso Electric Deborah A. Zuloaga, United Way of El Paso County

2022 REALIZE Trainers Deb Benedict, Deb Benedict Consulting Tello Cabrera, SBNG, P.C. Sylvia Borunda Firth, Sylvia Borunda Firth, PLLC Annette Gutierrez, Rio Grande Council of Governments Stephanie Karr, Community Volunteer Lori Martinez, Ngage NM Mark Matthys, Community Volunteer Terra Winter, Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico Deborah A. Zuloaga, United Way of El Paso County

RISE Planning Committee Jorge Rubio, GECU Alyssa Atkins, TFCU Dante Avalos, Freeport McMoRan Daniel Lomas, Texas Gas Service Guillermo Lopez, Merrill Lynch - Bank of America Karin Rios, Borderplex Alliance Alejandra Salcedo, GECU

Senior Fund Committee Alexsandra Annello, City of El Paso Tim Archuleta, El Paso Times Yvette Lugo, Area Agency on Aging Elizabeth O'Hara, Texas Gas Katherine Vandertulip, Texas Tech Health Sciences Center Daniel Vasquez, GECU

YLS Advisory Board Alejandra Chavira, El Paso Electric Thomas Gabriel, WestStar Tamieka Henry, Vituity, University Medical Center Emergency Department East Chelsea Lynch, The Hospitals of Providence Sierra Campus - East Megan Powe, The Hospitals of Providence Sierra Campus Nick Seckerson, El Paso Chihuahuas Manuel Quiñones, El Paso Electric David Valenzuela, Texas Gas Service Katherine Vandertulip, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Alejandro Yu, TFCU

Financial Stability
Basic Needs
Response Efforts

Arco de Platino

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Arco de Oro

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Arco de Plata

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Hunt Companies Logo.jpg


Deborah A. Zuloaga

Jaime Monardes
Kelley Thorpe Baker
Christina Lamour
Carlos Armendariz
Alysha Swann
Violeta Lopez-Unzueta
Angelica Mata Lindstrom
Maria Barron
Kimberly Cedillo
Veronica Esparza
Enrique Garcia
Joshua Hernandez
Julia Hettiger
Idahli Huizar-Mendoza
Teresa Maldonado
Karla Mata
Daniel Mendez
Vanessa Medrano
Autumn Moultrie
Rita Rios
Anais Shults
Mariana Sierra
Nina Siros

Chief Executive Officer
Vice President Finance & Administration
Vice President Philanthropy & Engagement
Vice President Community Impact
Assistant Director of Engagement & Communications
Assistant Director of Community Impact
Assistant Director of Education
Assistant Director of Community Resiliency
Accounting Assistant
AmeriCorps Parents as Teachers Program Coordinator
Workforce Development Manager
Healthy Kids Manager
AmeriCorps VISTA
Marketing Specialist
Director of the Family Resiliency Center
Administrative Specialist
HOPES Program Specialist
Marketing & Communications Associate
AmeriCorps VISTA
AmeriCorps VISTA
Grants Administrator
HOPES Case Manager
Donor Relations Manager
Special Projects Administrator

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2022 Luncheon - Look & Feel-3.png
2022 Luncheon - Look & Feel-2.png
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