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Welcome El Paso Center of Children Employees!

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Dear Staff,


It is the time of the year when United Way carries out its annual fundraising drive.  For many years, this fundraising drive has helped to provide critical support to our programs through a competitive local grant process.  We have been incredibly fortunate to have them as a key partner both in providing this funding and as a partner on our HOPES program.


Last year caring donations from El Pasoans resulted in more than $50,000 in support to our agency through the United Way.  Donations that aren't "earmarked" for a specific program mean we can use the money in the most strategic ways possible for both our team and our clients.  These dollars can also be used to leverage additional funding through grants that require we "match" a portion of their funding with non-government funds.  When we don't have donated funds, we sometimes can't pursue those grants.


United Way is also a "big picture" organization for the community and leverages their donations to help our community in many high-impact ways.  They are always at the table with the rest of the nonprofit sector finding solutions to the challenges facing El Paso.  They have gathered nonprofits in their Family Resiliency Center to help families impacted by COVID-19 and the August 3rd mass casualty event. They have been a source of vital information on COVID-19 vaccine information, have accessed PPE for us, and have helped families who have lost income due to the pandemic.


We are proud to partner with United Way. In previous years, a good percentage of our employees donated to the United Way itself or to the Center by designating their gift to our agency.  Either way we have had a significant benefit.  Thank you for that support!


This year, we would like to be able to tell the United Way leadership that EVERY Center for Children employee responded to the community’s needs. 


We know you and your family have experienced challenges due to the pandemic and the rising cost of living.  If you're doing OK right now and feel like you can donate -- any gift is welcome and the agency is grateful for your support.

Thank you for being a member of our wonderful team and considering a donation.  Though things are still challenging, I have high hopes that 2022 is going to be a better year!


Beth Senger

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Work together to create a thriving community. 


Connect El Pasoans to programs and resources.


Work with diverse stakeholders for greater impact.


Provide opportunities for corporate social responsibility, volunteerism & civic engagement.



Payroll Deduction

Sign up to allow your United Way to deduct a portion of your paycheck to be directed to the Community Impact Fund.  


Credit Card

Make a one-time gift or reoccurring gift that's automatically deducted from your debit or credit card. 

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